The appointment is, as tradition, set for the end of the month.

On the eve of a new edition, it is thus preparing to renew theexperience of success of the 4Days training course Dedicated to the personnel of the public administration of the FVG Region designed and promoted with ComPA, for specific training of RUPs and technical offices around the BIM methodology and its gradual introduction in PA.

A process that is investing PA by urging it at a rapid pace to be able to embrace - by actively acting on - digital transformation and, more specifically, the Progressive mandatory use of BIM in public procurement management processes.

A strategic shift that is not merely about technology adoption but triggers a wide-ranging review of organizational and methodological processes, which jointly needs the refinement of new skills, with dedicated actors and roles.

Way ahead of its time, 4Days has intertwined its expertise with the network of territorial players-from universities to private enterprise-that drives regional innovation, of which the formation supported by ComPA plays a role of key flywheel.

ML The one with ComPA is a training course that now counts 8 editions for nearly 200 trained RUPs stresses Marco Lotti co-founder of 4Days, which has dedicated a corporate spin-off to BIM with an innovation project, the platform Truspace. - A highly satisfying result for our ad hoc training design developed for and together with the ANCI center of competence for the FVG PA, which testifies to the historicity of our commitment to supporting the region and its development processes.”

A success that, speculatively, testifies to the constant effort and commitment made by the region and ComPA in supporting innovation, of which the perspective triggered by BIM is an important piece.

As confirmation Giacomo Re, project manager who of ComPA is responsible for the dynamics and projects pertaining to digital, BIM is in fact one of the items for which significant resources have been and continue to be invested.

GR BIM is a bet that we have been investing in for several years, and I say this with a note of pride. We started out in the not too distant past when BIM was an innovative topic that has now become current, thus accumulating a certain reputation and experience in the field.

In the budget of ComPA activities, BIM occupies a significant portion, confirming the strategicity of the theme, both for ANCI and the region. We understood early on that this dynamic would one day become the daily routine for all technical offices in the region and we have equipped ourselves to prepare the ground for change, effective in '23 '24 '25 according to regulations governing the gradual entry of BIM within the dynamics of public works.

It is a constant work of pushing and accompanying, to Support entities to meet the challenge rather than undergo it, providing the best possible tools so that they are better prepared to handle this major evolution.

In this we make use of the better network of expertise, of which we are fortunate that our territory is exceptionally rich, with whom we have activated more than positive relationships.

4Days, among others, is a historical report of national and international expertise with which it is a pleasure to renew the collaboration within theComPA training calendar 2023"

As in previous editions, the 4Days training team will alternate theoretical lectures with moments of collective exchange, following a proven PA training project that has garnered generously positive feedback and broad satisfaction from participating administrations over the years.

Also forthe 2023 edition the course will integrate a rich array of multidisciplinary skills selected from senior PA professionals, design (architecture, structural and infrastructure engineering, plant engineering), up to legal aspects, to provide a wide-ranging perspective of the impact of BIM management in public administration.

Particularly welcome approach in all previous editions.

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